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How To Tell If You Are A Hardgainer

In most cases, other people will let you know, you won't have to tell yourself. Usually insensitive comments about your size will flow freely from time to time.

But more specifically, here are some "hard gainer" characteristics:

  • Small skeletal frame

  • Ultra fast metabolism

  • Impervious to traditional bodybuilding techniques

When I first started working out I didn't know what a hard gainer was. Heck, I didn't even know that I was one of them!

This was a few years before the internet came along and all the attention it has been getting in bodybuilding magazines as of late.

I just knew that I could eat a lot (and I mean anything!) so when I started weight training I kept eating the same way. Brownies, cake, and other junk foods.

Of course I wasn't totally ignorant about diet. I had started doing enough research to find out that you need protein to build muscle.

I would later find out that this could really help to slow down a super fast metabolism, one of the greatest obstacles for skinny people.

Once your metabolism starts to level off and slow down, you can then focus on quality weight gain.

With a little luck, patience and research I managed to develop extremely fast for an ectomorph (naturally thin person).

Some people take years to do what I have done, some people never do it at all, and worse yet some give up altogether.

Don't Become Discouraged!

The first thing you must learn is not to compare yourself with others. I know it's hard but that is the number 1 way to become discouraged.

Even though it might take a little longer than others, the idea is to make the process as efficient as possible.

It is even more discouraging spinning your wheels if something is not working.

Realistically, it took me around a year or a little more to start benching 160 pounds. But that still won't stop people from noticing that you are improving.

I now bench over 270 pounds at a body weight of 160 pounds and 8 percent body fat. I have larger friends who are naturally strong and can bench that much.

However, it does not discourage me at all. I know that I am the best that I can be.

That is what this site is all about. Real hope for real hard gainers.

Please don't give up! You are here for a reason. I honestly believe this site can help you.

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