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Six Obstacles To Weight Gain

We must remember that gaining muscle is an abnormal condition. We must do things to encourage our skeletal muscles not only to grow but to stay that way. This situation is magnified with the hard gainer. Here are some good tips to remember:

1. Do not try to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time!

While this can be accomplished it only makes things much harder for the ectomorph with more than likely poor genetics. Do not restrict your calories, you can worry about losing fat afterwards, when you have slabs of muscle that are waiting to be revealed underneath!

2. Do not be overly active when you can help it.

If you can drive or take a bus to school or work, donít walk! If you can sit down while watching television, donít stand. These are only a few examples. If you absolutely canít help some of these situations eat more food.

3. Try not to worry excessively.

Believe it or not, worrying uses up excessive amounts of energy. Resources we need to build muscle. If you need to relax, have a hamburger or some brownies, you need them anyway! While this is wrong for some, we can actually turn something we need (protein and calories) into a substitute for something we donít need (unneeded stress).

4. Limit any cardio or excessive sports at this time.

Again, if you are on a sports team and are committed already, fine. If you are just doing some jogging or using the stationary bike for leisure, stop! While some can get away with this, not us! This is another example of doing everything in our power to gain as much mass in a short period of time. Cardiovascular activity falls into a fat loss program, not a weight gain program.

5. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

The kind of workouts you will be performing are very intense and you will need all the energy you can muster to do them properly. Not only that, your muscles grow while you are resting, not while you are training! Growth hormone is also released while you are sleeping. To further your results, you could catch a short nap during the day if possible.

6. If you smoke cigarettes, try and quit.

Not only do cigarettes suppress your appetite, they also serve to speed up your metabolism. This is not a desired effect if you are trying to gain weight (muscle). Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system thus creating an expenditure in energy. Unlike others, you have the blessing of being able to substitute one pleasure for another, food! When a craving comes along you can eat which will only help you to achieve your desired goal.

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