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Weight Training Tips For Hardgainers

Not only do you have to eat and drink properly when trying to gain weight, you also must train properly.

So many people with better genetics than us waste them. They are cursed by their own blessings. They can virtually do anything and get results, even working the same body part 3 times a week!

What then happens is that they fail to analyze their programs in detail. That is how we get ahead with our physique. No matter how tall you are or how much you weigh, people look for the total package first.

How do you attain the total package? Read on!

Illusion And Not Delusion

1. Train your entire body. Most people start off only training their upper body or their chest and arms. Sure 'they' look great but where is their back? Where is their legs?

Not only will training your entire body add to your overall weight gain, you will also look bigger from a distance. This leads me to my next point.

2. Train your back! Nothing is more impressive than a pair of flaring lats. It makes you look much wider than you actually are and it also makes your waist appear a lot smaller.

3. You can't change the shape of your muscle, only the size. So quit wasting your time with puny, isolation exercises. They will do nothing to add overall size and density to your body. Not only that, you will be making your workouts longer and therefore wasting needless energy.

4. Stay as lean as you can. It is so much harder for 'bigger' guys to lose fat. Unless they are competitive bodybuilders, most won't have a 6 pack. I am just being honest!

We can acquire an abdominal section much quicker and easier. When people have their shirt off, the mid-section is a natural focal point for most people who view you.

Women love it! And guys do too!

The only exception to the rule is when you are trying to gain weight. You want to be eating as much as you can, therefore you must not worry about calories. However, when you are maintaining your physique try to stay as lean as possible!

5. Do heavy shoulder work. Having big, round, full shoulders will make you look that much wider, especially from the side.

You want to look good from not only one angle, but multiple angles.

Everything else will then fall into place.

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